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Supervisor: Volunteer Coordinator

Time Commitment: 1-10 Shifts per Month


  • Meet the victim in the hospital emergency room.

  • Provide immediate emotional support to the victim and to victim's significant others.

  • Explain examination procedure.

  • Cooperate with hospital staff and law enforcement officers.

  • Witness the evidence collection kit, without providing physical assistance in the collection of evidence. 

  • Provide information on crisis reactions, services provided by SLESAC, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and HIV.

  • Fill out Intake sheet and return paperwork to SLESAC.

  • Provide 1 or 2 follow-up calls.


  • Able to work independently. 

  • Willing to accept directions and limitations

  • Must be Non-judgmental.

Training: Provided by the SLESAC.  Followed up through in-services at monthly meetings.

Benefits: Both the training and the work conducted by the Advocate can be very beneficial to the Advocate both personally and professionally. Training will be provided initially and on an on-going basis. The Volunteer Coordinator and/or Director are available as a reference for other volunteer or professional positions.

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